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Mindjet MindManager 7.1

visualize and manage information
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Your brain doesn’t process in a linear fashion. So stop forcing your thoughts into an outline. Instead, unleash your mind with highly visual, interactive technology designed to capture ideas, data and knowledge in a limitless arrangement that lends clarity to any task or project.

When you can see the details up close, as well as the big picture in clear view, you can build meaningful, multi-dimensional relationships between information – and share it with everyone on your team. This leads to well-informed decisions, swift and confident action, and everyone’s favorite: results.

Some call it mind-mapping. We call it common sense. And MindManager is the software that brings it to life.

Unlock mindshare:

Quickly capture, organize and share ideas and information in a visual way that others can quickly build upon.
Strengthen organizational memory through active knowledge sharing.
Facilitate greater innovation with unique perspectives on information.

Get things done:

Align team members to manage the information that matters, make well-informed decisions and move swiftly to action.
Establish greater accountability by enabling team members to track roles, responsibilities and deadlines.
Bring better products and services to market with greater speed and efficiency.

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